Matali Crasset

A meeting in December 2010 was the beginning of a collaboration that began the very next month. We entrusted our overall artistic direction of LCDA to M. Crasset.


Born July 28, 1965 in Chalons en Champagne, M. Crasset is a trained industrial designer. The imagery of her emblematic objects “quand jim monte a Paris” (when jim went to Paris), creates a methodology meant to question the codes that govern our everyday lives so that we are better able to free ourselves from them and experiment.

She envisions design as a search. Her works begins from a decentered position that provides her with a connection to everyday life, while at the same time gives her a glimpse into the future. Uniting these two normally distinct worlds, she also creates scenography, furniture, architecture, and graphic design.

Download the 2013 collection in pdf®